Disputes With the Los Angeles Child Support Services Department (CSSD)

The Los Angeles County Child Support Services (CSSD) can open up a child support case at the request of custodial parents to establish paternity and to go after parents who might owe child support or whose support payments are in arrears. Attorney Michael Nathans has 25 years of experience in successfully handling cases with the Child Support Services Department.

Your Experienced Child Support Lawyer

Attorney Michael Nathans can help you find a resolution to your child support dispute without facing serious potential consequences, such as a suspended driver's license or an unmanageable wage garnishment or earnings withholding order. Child Support Attorney Michael Nathans has decades of experience resolving child support disputes successfully for hundreds of clients so that their child support is fair and their driver's license is not revoked. We can also help you resolve disputes as to back child support arrears when you are being unfairly charged.

When a resolution cannot be reached regarding a dispute over child support, the Child Support Services Department often takes action such as wage garnishments, levies and revocation of driver's licenses. If the Child Support Services Department has contacted you regarding payment of child support, Michael Nathans is an experienced child support lawyer who can help you take appropriate action and protect your rights. At Nathans Family Law APC, we can help you avoid a suspended license, and unfair child support order and other potential consequences.

There are a number of ways in which the Child Support Services Department can penalize a parent for their child support arrears, including:

  • Suspended Drivers' License
  • Suspended Professional License
  • Tax refund seizures
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Earnings Withholding Orders
  • Bank Account Levies
  • Liens on your home

With our family law practice devoted completely to the Los Angeles area, we know the CSSD agency personnel in the area. If CSSD is coming after you for child support payments, Attorney Michael Nathans will work with them to achieve a settlement on your behalf.

Contact Us To Protect Your Rights

If you want to take action and get the child support payments you deserve, going to CSSD first may not be the best option. We can examine your current situation and help you do what is best for your family.

Attorney Michael Nathans has been helping custodial parents collect child support and enforce child support orders for 25 years. If you are owed child support and you are not receiving payments, or if your child support amount is too low, contact our office for the legal help you need to collect child support that you are owed.

We also help clients when there is welfare fraud and the Child Support Services Department is seeking welfare reimbursement. Attorney Michael Nathans has decades of experience handling welfare fraud and welfare reimbursement cases in regards to child support. Contact our office so that your rights regarding child support are protected before it is too late.

If you need help paying back child support, or the Child Support Services Department is calculating the child support arrears incorrectly, get help before you end up with a suspended license or you are charged excessive interest. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and find out more about your child support options.

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