Gay Marriages and Domestic Partnerships

Dissolution of Gay Marriages or a Registered Domestic Partnership in Los Angeles

California provides legal recognition for the relationships of same-sex and gay couples, whether married or if they have registered their domestic partnership with the State. Such gay marriages and domestic partnerships brings a variety of rights and obligations — and it allows couples to access California family courts for dissolution in the same way heterosexual couples can access the court for a divorce.

The dissolution of a same sex, gay marriage or registered domestic partnership (RDP) will take into consideration all of the same issues that are addressed in divorce: property division, financial support of a former partner, and child custody and support.

Nathans Family Law APC is pleased to be a leader and advocate in the gay community having provided legal services to gay and lesbian clients for 25 years. While family law in California may be in flux, the needs and challenges of families do not change. As a divorce and family law attorney, Mr. Nathans is committed to helping every client achieve a dissolution agreement that meets their needs and goals and allows them to move forward with their life.

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Unique Legal Challenges Relating to Gay Divorces and Registered Domestic Partnerships
New areas of law — such as those affecting same sex couples — often require time and test cases before they are fully developed. There may be issues that are as yet unsettled, which increases the chance that an issue might have to go to trial to be resolved.

Gay and lesbian couples will also face challenges if one member of the couple leaves the state and then seeks to file for divorce. Because some states do not recognize a registered domestic partnership or gay marriage — filing for divorce or attempting to bring a child custody case to court will be an even greater problem.

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Attorney Michael Nathans has 25 years of experience in California gay marriage dissolution and divorce proceedings and dissolution of registered domestic partnerships. He and our legal team understand the challenges you face. We provide compassionate and result-driven family law advocacy in divorce and legal counsel on the tax issues around gay marriage or domestic partnership dissolution. Contact our Los Angeles Family law office to schedule an initial FREE consultation. We accept most credit cards.

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